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Northfintechfx Review 2019 – Is This Platform Legit and Worth It?
Nov 22 • 2019
The trading platform looks promising, and the fee structure is competitive. NorthFinTechFX clearly lives the ideology behind cryptocurrencies
Crypto Support Showdown: NorthFinTechFX and Binance Beat BitMEX, Bitfinex, and Deribit
Oct 9 • 2019
When it comes to the highly volatile and wildly speculative crypto market, selecting the right margin trading platform can make a world of difference in developing a successful and profitable trading strategy. A combination of the right trading tools, stability, safety, and customer support is a must when selecting a platform.
Low Volatility Bitcoin Price Action: Decision Time Is Near, Powerful Move Incoming
Nov 22 • 2019
Bitcoin price is one again trading in the low $10,000 range, following a weekend trading around mid-$10,000 and yet another failure to break out higher. As a result of the lack of a clear direction being chosen, volatility has dropped to the lowest point it has been in some time and is approaching lows from November 2018 and April 2019.
Best of Both Worlds: NorthFinTechFX is the Top Platform for New and Experienced Traders
Sep 16 • 2019
Many trading platforms are stuck with an identity crisis. They are either unsuccessfully  trying to do too many things at once or can only take care of the needs of only a section of the trading community.
Multi-Asset Margin Trading Platform NorthFinTechFX Launches Android App
Jun 20 • 2019
These days, technology moves fast, and people’s lives move even faster. Regardless of the activity, individuals prefer to stay connected even when on the go. The same goes for traders, who more than most need to have full access to their portfolio to monitor performance, and tools to manage positions while away from a computer.
NorthFinTechFX partners with Bitfuty’s Crystal to Improve AML
Sep 16 • 2019
In a move to combat the growing risk of crypto-based cybercrime and to provide additional security for client funds, multi-asset trading platform, NorthFinTechFX, has announced their partnership with Bitfury Group’s crypto analytics and compliance company, Crystal Blockchain.
NorthFinTechFX joins forces with Bitfury’s Crystal for better AML, CTF guidelines compliance
Sep 10 • 2019
As crypto-related crimes continue to surge across the globe, many options are being considered for the most efficient and safest of crypto-operations. Despite the aforementioned surge however, blockchain and cryptocurrencies continue to remain a preferable option for carrying out transactions anonymously. In an attempt to avert crimes related to terrorism funding, while also monitoring and increasing clients’ security, NorthFinTechFX has partnered with Bitfury’s Crystal to advance its AML policies.
NorthFinTechFX Partners with Bitfury’s Crystal to Advance AML Compliance
Sep 9 • 2019
NorthFinTechFX, a bitcoin-based margin trading platform, has announced it will be using the Crystal™ platform, Bitfury Group’s blockchain analytics and crypto compliance software, Crystal™, for advanced anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing monitoring and increased client security.
Bitcoin Exchange NorthFinTechFX Partners With Bitfury to Ensure Compliance
Sep 9 • 2019
PBitcoin exchange NorthFinTechFX announced that it partnered with blockchain development firm Bitfury in order to ensure regulatory compliance.